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From agriculture to ecological house building technology

The base for the direction of Deveco´s work is the ecosystems that surround the human being. Through increased understanding and a real comprehension about the well functioning ecosystems and the biological systems within them, the human being can create the future society.  

In our work, we consider decreasing resources, increasing world population, housekeeping and changed lifestyle as challenges more than problems.

Our work is directed towards the adaptation of human beings and their actions to the border of the nature, instead of stretching this borders. It is exciting to develop new methods for the future, sustainable and solar driven society. The daily work within this working area contributes constantly to new understandings and new knowledge.

Our work abroad gives us also that comprehensive view which is necessary to connect a well functioning economy with ecological considerateness.

Historical about Deveco.....

Deveco was established as an independent firm of consultants 1985. The company was established to meet the real need of concrete extension service and training in organic farming that began to start in the beginning of the 80:th. Since then, Deveco works for the development of the ecological and sustainable society in Sweden and in other countries.

The basic area has been agriculture and food production. However, the perspective has been widening. The working areas includes today several different areas from agriculture, production of training materials, assessments, evaluations, feasibility studies, case studies – to ecological building methods.


Courses and lectures are dominating working areas...........


Deveco is involved in house building projects based on the principles of sustainable building technology.



...........as well as international missions, as like here, field visit in Eritrea.......


...or work-shop in Lithuania


....and feasibility studie in Zambia.